Europe faces its destroyers

For many, Europe is a rather abstract term that has no real existence because not all of them experience Europe just because they live where they were born. They are the European citizens of small nations. These citizens  have created these nations and they know and appreciate their democratic functioning. However, the European nations do not weigh much anymore. I will call the destroyer of Europe those who propose anything other than an European nation.

We are not patriots because the European nation is not to defend but to build. The Europe of Nations is the one we live in, and it does not provide the means to influence the fate of the world.

Be convinced that you can not create a nation without being a nationalist. Those who deny the reality of nationalism are the destroyers of Europe. The nationalist is a reality because it is a necessity. Nationalism frees people from bondage, slavery, domination and alienation. This nationalism freed the colonised countries from their colonisers. Be aware that you live in a postcolonial and nationalist world. A little nationalism is not bad.

To decide alone means to destroy Europe. If France and Germany agree to decide the fate of Europe alone, they will not build Europe, they will destroy it. Anyway, the final decision goes back to the European Parliament and we see here that Europe is not so badly structured. We hope that these politicians learn from their mistakes. Who wants to decide alone is a dictator. Boris Johnson, who wants to bypass his parliament, has shown no democratic attitude. Mattéo Salvini’s desire to govern on his own is also not a democratic attitude.

Let’s stop the French from giving lessons to others. Because of our high-profile political regime, a Mattéo Salvini or a Boris Johnson in France would have had all the powers. Europe can not be a big France. It would, however, be necessary for Europeans to elect a president by universal suffrage, as only one president elected by all Europeans by universal suffrage can speak for Europe. Those who are satisfied to have EU Commissioners as leaders, are European destroyers. Their ideal is China or a liberalism that seeks to balance democratic will through lobbying.

A politician needs to know how to bring people together and not divide them. In a universal way, people should never choose someone as the leader who plays against each other. People must be united to be able to weigh. A politician who divides the people according to their religious affiliation or because of their belonging to a south, north, west or east, is an enemy of Europe.