All plastics are recyclable!

There are issues that connect the Europeans more than separating them. One is reducing the impact of human activities on the environment. That’s why today we will be discussing the subject of plastic recycling. Without a doubt, we first have to produce less plastic waste. But do you know that plastic is one of the materials that can best be recycled? I’m not talking about these bottles here, which can be converted into synthetic fibers. I’m talking about these dirty plastics, deformed packaging and plastic bags of all kinds. These plastics can be converted by pyrolysis up to 100% in fuel (diesel and gasoline). Pyrolysis is therefore an alternative to waste incineration. It is a thermal decomposition process without air. It has the advantage that it can be implemented in units of the size of a container. So we can imagine that it can be implemented in communities and local jobs can be created. Politicians should therefore adopt this technical solution and change the legislation to improve the economics of pyrolysis, just as they have done for renewable energy.