Reflection on pension reform in France

Today, December 5th is another day of strike in France. As usual, French peoples will be held hostage by those who should guarantee the continuity of public service. It goes without saying that I do not support this strike. I think the protesters are wrong. This reform is fair, this reform is moving towards a single pension plan for everybody. This reform implements our republican motto: freedom, equality, fraternity.

Everything that implements our republican motto is good. And I would like to go further. Thus it would be desirable to not oppose public service and merchant sector. But one should never allow somebody to work for ever either in the public or private sector. Of course, I am not against the public service, but I think, that it is unhealthy that the same peoples, their life long, works in the public sector. So we should all give a little bit of time to serve the interests of the nation. If we have to work 40 years, then let’s take 10 years out of those 40 years to serve the nation and do not do it for free.

It does not make sence to lower the age of retirement. It does not make sence to lower pensions. All these proposition are unsaleable. You will always see peoples striking on the street, it’s inevitable. If everyone worked 40 years in France, it would be already good! In truth the big problem is that the rate of active population in France is too low (1). Being able to serve in both the public and private sectors would, I think, increase the active population rate.

If somebody loose its job in private sector, let’s give ihm the chance to work temporairement in public sector and the other way around. We are the nation!

By doing so, we will have better teachers. I mean, it would also be desirable that the teachers themselves to put a foot in the job market. The student need to learn a trade. They need a financial autonomy. If they have financial autonomy, they will be able to defend their own opinion and they will be less subject to manipulation.

I think teachers would also earn more respect like that.